About us

This company was born out of a desire to deliver secure, robust, and scalable Salesforce solutions which our customers need and deserve.

What we do?

  • We offer complete end to end solutions for all your business needs.
  • Provide support throughout the life of the product.
  • Our solutions are secure and follow industry standard best practices guaranteeing our customers peace of mind.

Why we do it?

  • To provide our customers/partners a holistic outlook of their clients and their needs.
  • To automate business processes so that our customers can focus on what they do best -sell their products

How we do it?

  • Combined experience of more than 40+ years in industry.
  • 30+ certifications in Salesforce.
  • Keeping abreast of the latest & greatest by Salesforce.
  • Knowledge in domains such as telecom, non-profit, retail, energy, banking & insurance, manufacturing, etc.
  • Collaborating with the best & the brightest.

Our Mission

  • To take the complex and make it simple , nimble and twinkle.
  • Provide winning solutions to our customers because when our customers win, we win.

Our Vision

  • To put Salesforce behind every sale.
  • To guarantee our customers peace of mind.
  • To make the complex simple and the boring fun to use.

Our Mantra

  • Integrity
  • Perfection
  • Perseverance

Our Success Stories

Our Success Stories

We helped an Australian telecommunication company to move their b2c application to open web standards which is AA standard accessibility compliant, scalable, and easy to enhance & maintain.

We enabled a British energy company to their upstream division away from traditional email & phone case management to 24x7 available salesforce application thus helping them to increase their profits to the tune of a million pounds/year.

We partnered with a major American Non profit solutions provider to migrate their customers from on-premise application to digital cloud based LCRM, reducing their downtime and leading to an increase in revenue.

We partnered with a major Indian Private bank to implement a Loan Orgination System in Salesforce to reduce their loan approval time from several days to 10 minutes.

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